Ultimate Photographers Guide is the right spot for the best shot.

When you are researching a location whether you’re a photographer, tourist or just looking for beautiful landscape pictures Ultimate Photographers Guide is the right spot to visit. Our location database continues to grow allowing you to search for that perfect spot. We have designed our site to showcase beautiful images of spectacular scenic location, to give you useful tips and tricks on those locations and to promote the amazing talents of photographers from around the globe.

How it Works!!!

Our spectacular locations are sourced from photographers worldwide from novice through to professionals anyone that can take an amazing photo. We strife to showcase images that are beautiful and if you believe you have such an image we would love you to click here to submit your location. Once submitted we will access your submission and if we believe that it aligns with our mission we will contact you to discuss how to feature your image on Ultimate Photographers Guide website.

Once your image has been approved photographers will need to supply some information on their photo which will be added to their photo profile. Here is where we get to showcase the amazing talents of photographers from around the globe. With approval of your image not only will it be displayed on our website but information about you the photographer and where/how/when and with what equipment you used to capture your photo that will be displayed. Our aim is to promote you the photographer with links back to your website so to increase your exposure globally.

How do we make money?

At Ultimate Photographers Guide we provide you the photographer with an avenue to showcase your work worldwide at no cost to you. In exchange you grant us (your choice) of a 1, 2 or 3 year license agreement to use your image as per our license agreements. We have 2 license agreements available for you to choose from which can be viewed here.  We will also promote services associated with the photography industry on our website.


As we are photographers ourselves we understand and fully support your rights and we will never claim any copyrights over anyone’s photography work. The copyright remains yours!!! We will only ever use your image as per our license agreement and will give full credit wherever it is used.